LG C900 due to bring Windows Phone 7 to market near September 28th, according to Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth SIG has a long history of promoting its members' "special interests" by leaking valuable tidbits about their handsets before they're announced. The recently unearthed LG C900 is the latest of these, being pegged for a launch date "around" September 28th by the SIG's detail page on the phone. The QWERTY slider, which is referred to in C900N, C900k, and C900B versions, will be available in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Phone Arena conjectures that the launch date lines up with AT&T's marketing materials timing and the slated Q4 launch of Windows Phone 7, so the C900 probably has a decent chance of being the first Windows Phone 7 phones to market if LG's own GW910 or some more secretive set doesn't beat it to the punch. Still, September is a bit earlier than any of the launch windows Microsoft has managed to let slip, and as far as we know Microsoft won't even be accepting apps in the Marketplace before October.