Sid Meier's Pirates! for Wii reaches port October 5!

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Sid Meier's Pirates! for Wii reaches port October 5!
Continuing the never ending cycle that is The Pirate Game, The Ninja Game and The Zombie game, 2K Games will release its Wii version of Sid Meier's Pirates! on October 5 in North America. (No date for the West Indies, sorry.)

The conversion was handled by 2K China and incorporates motion control for the game's ship-boarding saber duels, along with a couple new minigames (bombardment and lock picking). In fact, even the classic original (and its 2004 update) basically comprised a mixture of minigames, from nautical combat, to diplomacy, to land battles and ... ballroom dancing. Who said pirates aren't classy? Not the dead men -- they tell no tales!

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2K Games' Sid Meier's Pirates!™ Charts Course for Retail on October 5, 2010

New York, NY - August 25, 2010 – On October 5, 2010, cast ye gaze upon the horizon, pray to Poseidon for fair seas and set sail for Sid Meier's Pirates!, an entertaining journey for adventurous treasure hunters unlike anything ever experienced before for on Wii™ system. The classic Sid Meier's Pirates! has been adapted for the Wii by 2K China, and is a swashbuckling adventure that allows aspiring buccaneers to earn their sea legs serving as captain of one of 27 fully customizable man-of-war ships while they explore the tropical 17th century Caribbean islands.

In Sid Meier's Pirates! gamers can:

* Descend upon unsuspecting seaside colonies armed with a motley crew of loyal seafaring scoundrels.
* Embark on exhilarating missions, locate secret maps and discover treasure chests bursting with gold and jewels.
* Use newfound riches to barter for supplies and build ships with stronger firepower and bigger sails for faster speed and better navigation.
* Plunge head-first into exciting pirate ship battles, unleash a furious barrage of cannonballs and send nautical enemies to Davy Jones' Locker.
* Dispatch noisy blowhards using expert swordsmanship in clanging fights of sharp blades of steel.
* Pursue and win the hearts of fair maidens through cunning tactics and charming good looks.

Overflowing with intense pirate action, Sid Meier's Pirates! possesses a treasure chest of gameplay booty, including classic traditional mini-games from the franchise's original title such as Sword Fighting, Ship Combat and Dancing - plus two Wii-exclusive mini-games mapped to the Wii controls - Bombardment and Lock Picking.

Sid Meier's Pirates! is rated E10+ for everyone 10 and older by the ESRB. For more information please visit

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