Take control of your TV with your HTPC via HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC to RS-232 bridge

This is something we've always wanted to do with our HTPC, but have always been restricted by our video card, control our HDTV with our HTPC. Home automation is almost as much fun as watching HD, but while many devices can be controlled via IR or HDMI-CEC, not many have RS-232 or network control that make them easily controllable by your PC. This little box pictured above bridges any USB port to HDMI-CEC which means you can leverage one of the most popular two-way control protocols from your HTPC. We're not exactly sure how this box can be leveraged to make this work, but user Valkyrie-MT from The Green Button was able to solder his up to control the TV's volume with his Media Center remote via HDMI instead of IR.