HTC Windows Phone 7 device hits FCC, destined for Europe?

You've already gotten one flavor of Windows Phone 7 from HTC via the feds' filing system -- but how about another? This time around, the ID label HTC has filed is a screaming yellow, suggesting that this bad boy is going to lean toward the fashionable side of things (assuming you thought the HD Mini and Aria were fashionable, that is). As we mentioned, this particular unit seems destined for Europe, a fact we're gleaning from the filing's apparent lack of mention of any US-compatible WCDMA or EV-DO -- the only reason it's in here is to cover EDGE 850 / 1900 plus 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth. Considering how HTC's been operating as of late, we wouldn't be surprised to see an Americanized version of this puppy -- whatever it is -- but for now, you Euros can revel in your exclusive.