Homebrew Cray-1A emulates the iconic supercomputer, to no useful purpose

The Cray-1A first made the scene in 1976, weighing 5.5 tons (including the refrigeration system) and running at 80MHz -- with a whopping 8MB RAM. Who wouldn't want to own one -- or a miniature version of one, for that matter? Chris Fenton would, apparently. Yes, it's that Chris Fenton -- the electrical engineer who once made a $50 laptop out of a PICAXE 18X Microcontroller and 96 bytes of RAM (and some wood). And he's back with a 1/10-scale Cray-1A. And unlike a similar project we've seen in the past, this bad boy runs a custom Cray emulator (too bad there doesn't seem to be any Cray software floating around). Wild, huh? Get the whole scoop (and some pointers if you want to roll your own) after the break.