Toshiba sends 24nm NAND flash memory chips into mass production

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|08.31.10

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Toshiba sends 24nm NAND flash memory chips into mass production
Let's take a moment to congratulate Toshiba on a fine feat of engineering. It was only last year that the company started shipping 32nm NAND flash memory, and yet today its factories are starting to churn out 24nm chips. Unsurprisingly, this comes with the boast of offering "the world's highest" density and capacity per single chip, an honor going to the 2 bits-per-cell 64Gb parts. That newfangled Toggle DDR transfer-acceleratin' technology is also supported, naturally, leaving us only to wonder who'll be picking up the earliest deliveries of these minuscule data stores.
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Toshiba launches 24nm process NAND flash memory

Starts mass production of world's highest capacity single chip 64 gigabit memory

31 Aug, 2010

TOKYO- Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502), reinforcing its leadership in the development and fabrication of cutting-edge, high density NAND flash memories, has announced that it today started mass production of NAND flash memories fabricated with 24nm process technology. This latest technology advance has already been applied to 2bit-per-cell 64-gigabit (Gb) chips that are the world's smallest and offer the highest density on a single chip (8 gigabytes (GB)), and which are available from today. Toshiba will also add 32Gb and 3bit per cell products fabricated with the 24nm process technology to its product line-up.

Toshiba leads the industry in fabricating high density, small die size NAND flash memory chips. Application of the 24nm generation process technology will further shrink chip size, allowing Toshiba to boost productivity and bring further enhancements to high density, small sized products. The 24nm process products are also equipped with Toggle DDR, which enhances data transfer speed.

As more mobile equipment, such as smartphones, digital video cameras and tablet PCs, provide support for recording high resolution pictures and video and editing and processing large volumes of data, demand is growing for smaller, higher density, memory products. By accelerating process migration in NAND flash memory, Toshiba aims to reinforce and extend its leadership in the NAND flash memory market.
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