Augen planning its next generation of tablets, not giving up without a fight

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|09.01.10

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Augen planning its next generation of tablets, not giving up without a fight
Everyone deserves a second chance, right? In the world of cheapo tablets, sure! Or at least that's our attitude when it comes to a company like Augen. Sure, it was just about a month ago that it released its $150 GenTouch78 at Kmart, but it's planning some future tablet products and hoping to right all those previous wrongs. According to the statement put out by the company, this new set of "Espresso" tablets will be unveiled at CES 2011 and will span from 7 to 10 inches diagonally. They'll still be aggressively priced and range from $200 to $400, but at least this time around it's planning for some with capacitive touchscreens. Other specs are of the fairly cookie cutter mold: WiFi, an accelerometer and more storage space. No word on what version of Android they'll run, but there's mention of a new "human friendly input." That all sounds much better than the previous GenTouch products we've seen, but by the time January rolls around there's no telling what the tablet landscape could look like. We'll be following this one to see if Augen can keep the caffeine in its system, but hit the break for the full statement and one more render.

Augen is brewing a new exciting 7-10" Gentouch Espresso line aggressively priced, with a capacitive multi-touch screen and loaded features at CES 2011. We used all the ingredients that you gave us to brew this new espresso line. You have tried our cup of coffee, and soon take a sip of our espresso. The Espresso family line will be priced starting at an MSRP of $199.99 to $399.99 featuring resistive and multi-touch capacitive screens, an improved battery life (up to 10 hours), WiFi, 3 axis accelerometer, more storage space, and much more... Augen is announcing a new proprietary technology preloaded which brings a human factor to our line of PC tablets, which incorporates a form of human friendly input.
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