Confirmed: T-Mobile G2 will have Android 2.2, Flash and 800MHz CPU

T-Mobile is calling it "the fastest smartphone experience in America," but as it turns out, its Qualcomm Scorpion CPU is actually relatively slow -- the cellular carrier's insider newsletter T-Mobile Scoop says the phone's MSM7x30 chip will be clocked at 800MHz, rather than the 1GHz we'd hoped for. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that T-Mobile lying about speed, as anyone who's upgraded from Droid to Droid 2 very well knows -- bloatware can easily clog the pipes even on phones running Froyo, and we've heard that this particular HTC device is running a pure vanilla Android build. Speaking of delectable operating system revisions, T-Mobile confirms you'll indeed find Android 2.2 under the hood accompanied by Flash Player 10.1, as well as "one-touch quick keys" the carrier claims provide Speedy Gonzales-like access to apps and shortcuts. Still waiting to be confirmed: a $200 subsidized price, and the day we'll see it in stores.

[Thanks, james_of_the_jungle]

Editor's Note: It's important to keep in mind that the G2 seems to feature Qualcomm's next-gen MSM7x30 chipset, which can theoretically blaze. Of course, that all depends on firmware optimization, so let's keep our fingers crossed -- something tells us neither T-Mobile nor HTC have any interest in messing this one up.