T-Mobile G2 build leaks out, points to potent MSM7x30 chipset?

What's inside the T-Mobile G2, aside from fancy hinges and an HSPA+ capable modem? We can't say for sure, but this week saw a zip file from China set the Android community astir with visions of vanilla frozen yogurt heaped high atop a stack of powerful silicon. Android Guys discovered an allegedly leaked G2 Android 2.2 build (sans Sense) at the website of one 911sniper, last seen outing supposed HTC specs left and right, and our old friend Cyanogen took it upon himself to have a peek inside. What should he find but references to Qualcomm's MSM7x30 chipset, with all the silky-smooth 720p multimedia playback that brings, as well as the remote possibility of dual-mode HSPA+ / LTE support if the "x" in "MSM7x30" turns out to be a "6." There's no telling whether any of this is legit at this point, but we dare to dream.