Symantec mobilizes Snoop Dogg's cybercrime unit

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|09.03.10

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You know what? Snoop has really done more than any technology company has to bring products to new audiences. Back in fifth grade we had no idea what indo was or why anyone would ever want to combine gin and juice; 3 weeks after "Doggystyle" came out we were hooked on both. At the beginning of last year we couldn't fathom our Grandpas asking Snoop for directions in the Caddy...but it happened. So why not make the leap to, you know, hawking desktop and internet security to urban markets? Symantec's Hack is Wack campaign aims to "bring the attention level up...just try to make people aware that these [cyber] crimes are happening." Snoop invites you to "raise awareness by making a rap song about cyber crimes" and uploading a video for judgment on "originality, creativity and message." The winner gets a pair of tickets to see Snoop, a chance to meet his "mgmt/agent" and a Toshiba laptop. It's been a while since we hit the mic or had any antivirus software installed, but he's got us thinking pretty hard about throwing down some rhymes and our credit cards for a copy of Norton 360 v4.0.
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