Ultimate Ears announces $999 In-Ear Reference Monitors and $19.99 Blue Robots, because it can

Ultimate Ears is pushing out a tag team of in-ear earphones that clearly demonstrates the heights (and depths) the Logitech-owned company is willing to scale. Starting at the extreme high end are the Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors. The $999 price tag should help clarify the target audience here (hint: professional producers and recording / mixing engineers on the go). Each handcrafted monitor, developed in partnership with EMI Music's Capitol Studios, contains three individually tuned, balanced armature speakers with an extended wide band response from 5Hz to 18kHz. They provide up to 32dB of noise isolation with a low-distortion braided cable replacing the typical Y-joint connector. Dialing things down just a bit (uh hem) for consumers are the $19.99 Ultimate Ears 100 (pictured after the break). These "trendy" noise-isolating earphones offer 24dBs of noise isolation and ship in five styles, including our personal fave "Blue Robots." Look for each to ship to Europe and the US sometime in September.

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Ultimate Ears Collaborates with Capitol Studios to Design Professional In-Ear Reference Monitors for Recording, Mixing and Mastering

New Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors Are Designed By and For Professional Recording Engineers and Producers

IRVINE, Calif., Aug 31, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ultimate Ears, the number one choice of the world's top touring musicians, has teamed up with EMI Music's Capitol Studios, the legendary recording facility in Hollywood's landmark Capitol Tower, to design the first custom in-ear reference monitors for use by professional producers and audio engineers -- the Ultimate Ears(TM) In-Ear Reference Monitors. For the first time, Ultimate Ears, a product unit of Logitech (LOGI 14.92, +0.27, +1.84%) , has delivered a monitor that features a flat response curve that is both natural and dimensional in its sound reproduction.

The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors are designed specifically for professional studio engineers and producers for use in a variety of settings, including recording studios, with portable laptops and in live venues and rehearsal studios for recording, mixing and mastering. They provide up to 32 dB of noise isolation so engineers and producers are isolated from the interference due to studio or room noise. All that is delivered directly to the ears is the natural and true audio track -- no need to worry about near-field positioning. And since only high-fidelity audio is delivered directly into your ears, the engineers are always in the "sweet spot," ensuring that they are hearing the tracks as they were produced, mixed or mastered -- authentic and precise.

"With the release of the Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors, we have taken our extensive knowledge of custom in-ear monitor sound reproduction for touring artists and applied it to meet the demands of recording engineers and producers," said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of the Ultimate Ears product unit for Logitech. "Finely tuned in collaboration with the world-renowned engineering team at Capitol Studios, these custom monitors represent our relentless pursuit to provide the music industry with new products based on leading technology and expertise. While they are designed for engineers, they will also meet the needs of our audiophile customers who demand sound delivered with a true and natural flat response."

Capitol Studios and Ultimate Ears engineers have spent many hours together at Capitol Studio meticulously designing the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors sound signature and performance. The result is a revolutionary product that meets the exacting standards of audio professionals at both companies.

"Capitol Studios' number one mission is to attain the best fidelity possible," said Greg Parkin, vice president of Capitol Studios. "We are very proud to be collaborating with Ultimate Ears as they share our passionate commitment to delivering audio in its purest form to musicians, engineers, and fans. We have extremely high standards and strive to operate a finely tuned environment for our clients every day. We also know that engineers often have to mix and work in a number of unfamiliar environments. Ultimate Ears' rigorous expertise in engineering, coupled with input from our team, has delivered a great product that gives engineers the confidence that what they're hearing is authentic and natural."

"This is a new and exciting technology twist on traditional studio reference speakers and headphones -- the Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors present a very flat curve that is both transparent and revealing," explains Tal Herzberg, professional recording engineer and producer who created multiple Grammy winning recordings and mixes for such acts as the Black Eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls, and Mary J. Blige. "What is unique is that I find myself not worrying about environmental noise. Once I put these on, the isolation is so good, room noise is virtually eliminated. All I hear is the natural, dimensional sound the monitors create, allowing me to accurately record and mix."

Professional recording and mixing engineers increasingly must adapt to recording in changing environments and mobile settings, so the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors are a great solution. These monitors deliver pro audio reproduction, but their small, in-ear size makes them easy to use on the go. Because they virtually eliminate room noise, they are a perfect complement to the increasing number of engineers who rely on their laptops, audio interface and pro audio software to record and mix in a variety of settings: at home, on a plane, or when working in multiple studios that are sometimes unfamiliar.

Capitol Studios engineer Steve Genewick states, "For years I've been looking for a way to take the balanced space I am accustomed to at Capitol with me when I'm away recording in a live setting, or in an unfamiliar studio. Ultimate Ears has now made that possible."

With three individually tuned, balanced armature speakers in each handcrafted monitor, Ultimate Ears in-Ear Reference Monitors are able to reproduce frequencies with an extended wide band response from 5 Hz to 18 kHz for a more authentic sound. And by eliminating the burdensome Y joint connector and using a tightly braided cable to reduce friction and tangling, you will only hear a clean sound signal. The new low-distortion, low profile cable greatly reduces any possible cable cross-talk. The dual sound channel configuration keeps the low, mid and high frequencies separated until they reach the ears, where they mix naturally, reducing any chance for distortion.

"I'm finding the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors to be a great tool," said Tom Schlum, director of technology for Capitol Studios. "They allow me to move between very different acoustic and monitoring environments, with the knowledge that I have a consistent sound stage to reference."

Pricing and Availability

The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors are expected to be available beginning in September for a suggested retail price of $999 (U.S.). (The price of the Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors does not include the initial cost to have a qualified audiologist create your ear impressions.)

Ultimate Ears monitors are made specifically for each customer so you will need to have ear impressions made by an audiologist. Please contact us or check out our website to locate an Ultimate Ears qualified audiologist. Once Ultimate Ears has received your ear impressions, we will create your personal set of in-ear monitors. For additional information, visit

Ultimate Ears Introduces Music Genre-Inspired Earphones

Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones Let You Express Yourself with Five Original Designs

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Music is as diverse as the people who listen to it. With this in mind, Ultimate Ears, a product unit of Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ:LOGI), today introduced the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones in five music genre-inspired designs. Whether your MP3 player is filled with electro beats or urban funk, the Ultimate Ears 100 allows you to match your mood to your musical tastes. And, because these earphones are tuned by the same engineers who tune stage earphones for your favorite artists, you know you're getting superior acoustics.

"With Ultimate Ears, singing – and listening – becomes a simple pleasure."

"Many performing artists we work with enjoy putting personal artwork on their stage in-ear monitors as an additional form of self expression," said Philippe Depallens, Logitech vice president and general manager of the Ultimate Ears business. "Now, with the Ultimate Ears 100 collection, we've created a way for our retail customers to do the same – giving them five killer designs to choose from. Now you can feel a connection to the design of your earphones, as well as the music coming out of them."

On top of delivering superior acoustics, the Ultimate Ears 100 earphones also feature up to 24 dBs of noise isolation so you can enjoy your music without distraction. Additionally, each pair of earphones comes with four sizes of ear cushions so you get a snug, comfortable fit for periods of extended listening. And, the earphones are designed for rock-solid durability.

"Whether I am using my in-ear monitors on stage during a live performance, in the studio during a recording session or on a plane listening to music on my iPod, everything comes through so clearly," said recording-artist Seal. "With Ultimate Ears, singing – and listening – becomes a simple pleasure."

Inspired Design

To help you find earphones that help you express your style, musical preferences, or just your favorite color, Ultimate Ears developed five designs that are radically different – just like you.

Inspired by the stylistic elements of hip hop, the Ultimate Ears 100 Green Cells features a shiny black casing accented with vibrant green silicone ear cushions and urban-flavored artwork.

For those with a creative edge, the Ultimate Ears 100 Red Blossom takes its inspiration from the distinct imaginative concepts that songwriters use to compile new songs. Whether you're enjoying Alicia Keys, LIGHTS or Miranda Lambert, these earphones are the perfect extension of your eclectic taste.

Evoking an electronic feel, the Ultimate Ears 100 Purple Splatter presents a crisp white casing that's accented with purple ear cushions and matching artwork. Influenced by synthesized, electro tracks, the Ultimate Ears 100 Purple Splatter blends perfectly with everything from the reggae beats of Pepper to the gritty mixes of DJ Shy.

Emboldened with striking artwork and a metal grey housing, the Ultimate Ears 100 Grey Industry reflects the strong rock chords that influenced its creation. Taking its cue from the stage presence of bands such as Switchfoot and Sugar Ray, the Ultimate Ears 100 Grey Industry embodies the excitement of the best rock bands in performance.

The Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots features a blue robot on each earphone – and includes a deep blue cable and aqua blue ear cushions. Inspired by the proud independence of the hipster culture, the Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots is the perfect mix of originality and simplicity.

Pricing and Availability

The suggested retail price for all variations of the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones is $19.99 (U.S.). The new Ultimate Ears 100 earphones are expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe in September.

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