Xbox 360 slimster made over in white, just for the hell of it

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|09.02.10

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Xbox 360 slimster made over in white, just for the hell of it
Missing your oldie Xbox 360's bright and airy white finish? Well, Microsoft's still not willing to sell you a slimmified 360 in any color other than black (excepting the limited edition Halo gear), but at least you can gaze upon the singular example of what a white one may look like above. This seemingly repainted Xbox 360 250GB (to give it its official, and ridiculous, name) has been lovingly put together over in China and really makes us wonder why Microsoft is depriving us of such snowy good looks. Perhaps it wanted to draw a clear line between the old and the new? Either way, hit the source for the cheapest way to peek an all-white slim 360 without giving the Colorware crew a call.

[Thanks, Anthony]

Update: We've tracked down the talented modder to one Craig Manders, or Mandark, and have linked his Photobucket profile below for more imagery of the blanched Xbox 360.
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