Samsung excuses absence of Super AMOLED on Galaxy Tab with Super TFT (video)

A Super AMOLED 7-inch tablet was highly unlikely to ever materialize in a marketable form, but that didn't stop many of us from dreaming about one. Consequently, there was palpable disappointment when Samsung failed to deliver on our unicorn hallucinations with the Galaxy Tab, but the company says not to worry. The Tab's 7 inches of glorious visuals are being handled by a Super TFT panel, surely the Korean company's answer to Sony's Super LCD. It's a screen technology that has been developed "alongside" Super AMOLED and just so happens to offer better battery performance and an obvious saving in cost. We're usually inclined to consider such moves cynical marketing ploys -- keep the Super branding, drop the actual super hardware -- but the SLCD display on the HTC Desire gives us faith that perhaps TFTs really can be souped up. Video after the break.