Broadened improvements for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.08.10

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Broadened improvements for Final Fantasy XI
The September version update marches toward Final Fantasy XI, bringing with in a variety of new shinies to keep players happy for quite a while. (Or at least until the Final Fantasy XIV launch, either one.) While we've heard about most of the big updates, Square-Enix has shared a last little batch of improvements that won't change the world, but will usher in several much-appreciated boosts to quality of life.

An additional search tag will be added for players looking for Trial of the Magians parties, to make enhancing equipment that much easier. Players will also have the option of teleporting to Abyssea-linked Cavernous Maws throughout Vana'diel, assuming that the player's character has previously encountered the maw. There will also be a variety of improvements to the Walk of Echoes, and even more updates to the infamous fishing quest Inside the Belly. With the update due out in the very near future, there's plenty for players to look forward to in Final Fantasy XI, even beyond the launch of its sister game.
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