Toshiba AC100 smartbook preview: what were you expecting?

Despite the downright sexy hardware, it was no surprise that the Toshiba AC100 (which has just been launched in the UK) didn't review very well: Android just isn't ready to give an enjoyable smartbook experience. Our hands-on experience with the laptop at IFA did nothing to disabuse us of this notion. Again, the hardware is pretty great, a nice order of magnitude thinner and lighter than most Atom netbooks, and despite the razor thin build, Toshiba still managed to put a pretty great keyboard and trackpad in here. Unfortunately, the software just isn't good. In fact, it isn't even "alright," since Toshiba has put a bunch of customizations on top of stock Android 2.1, including the same lame launcher we just saw on the Folio, and two extra browsers. We appreciate the effort, but if you're not prepared to go all-in, Samsung-style, recent history has shown that it's better to just leave well enough alone. Check out a quick video walkthrough after the break. %Gallery-101574%