HTC Desire HD rendered, looks pretty legit to us -- oh, except for that WinMo UI

The stars are really aligning for this shindig HTC has scheduled in London for next week, aren't they? All signs point to the launch of the Android-powered Desire Z and Desire HD -- international versions of the G2 and EVO, respectively -- and this render pulled off of German site BestBoyZ matches up perfectly with in-the-wild shots we've seen of the HD before. The only sticking point, really, is that there's a Windows Mobile 6.5 Sense UI shot inexplicably plastered on top, which makes about as much sense as... well, re-releasing the HD2 right now. Bottom line, we think the hardware part of this picture is real; software, not so much.

Update: German carrier Base decided to jump on the leaked screenshot as a clever marketing opportunity: It says the device is real, and if you like what you see, you should preorder one immediately.

[Thanks, Kamal]