HTC schedules September 15 event, leaves us guessing as to what it's launching

Time to get our guessing caps on as HTC has announced it'll be having a little get-together in London in the middle of next month. No advance information is available beyond the smoky teaser image above, leaving the door wide open for speculation. Given the event's proximity to Windows Phone 7's launch and the recent spate of leaks, this could easily be the date and place that HTC makes its wares official. Or, on a more tenuous tangent, if you put the smoke and "dreamt up" notes together, you could perhaps surmise that this is going to be the launch for the HTC Vision, which has most recently been referred to as the G1 Blaze. All we know for sure is that we'll be there when the fog of war is lifted.

P.S. - We've enhanced the image to reveal the hint of a handset hidden inside the smoke, you can see it after the break. It looks an awful lot like the back of the Desire HD, but HTC is well known for repeating design themes across its phone portfolio, so let's not jump to any conclusions just yet.