Kaz Hirai: Price 'perhaps' an issue with PSP Go

In what can only be described as a triumph of understatement, PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has admitted to MCV that the $250 pricing could "perhaps" be blamed for the PSP Go's unimpressive sales thus far. "I think we need to make sure we have as many titles available to download as possible, to make the experience as easy as possible. But also pricing is perhaps an issue. Because of the cost reductions we've been able to do over the years, the traditional PSP has benefited. But the PSP Go is a completely different design, so the cost trend is different." To put it another way, when Sony took out the part that makes it play all the PSP games you already own, it made it very expensive. Or to put it even simpler: They only hit you because they love you so much.

If Sony really wanted to capture the situation, it'd make an ad where Kevin Butler puts a PSP Go in a slingshot, fires it out a window at a passing explosion and says, "Win some, lose some, I guess." We understand why this level of corporate honesty is not an option, but can we at least get something better than "perhaps"? Like ... say ... a price cut?