Samsung i8700 for Windows Phone 7 leaks, puts developer prototype to shame

Could this be the best-looking Windows Phone 7 device yet? That's open to some personal interpretation, of course, but Sammy's alleged i8700 is looking like quite the beast -- and it should assuage any lingering fears that the Omnia HD-based prototypes floating around would be influencing final ID for the company's numerous WP7 launches later this year. If we had to venture a guess, we'd say this is probably that unnamed model we saw not long ago, identified by its sharp, squared-off edges and the button layout below the display. The about screen reveals 8GB of internal storage and the backside shows a camera of unknown resolution paired to an LED flash, so if you're not tied to the idea of a physical QWERTY keyboard, this might be the Windows Phone 7 handset you've been looking for. Question is, what carriers?

[Thanks, Pradeep]