Windows Phone 7 leak mania continues with new Samsung prototype

Better bring an umbrella if you're going out, because the Windows Phone 7 hardware leaks are really starting to rain down. We've so far peeked pre-release handsets from ASUS, HTC (twice), and LG, and now Samsung is pitching in with what looks like a device fated to dance on retail shelves. Details are, as usual, scarce on the ground, but the angular aesthetics suggest it isn't the AT&T-bound Cetus that recently graced the FCC. Taken together with the physical separation of the Windows-branded Start key, however, they do rather resemble what we've seen on ASUS' hardware, which might suggest that there is some undercurrent of cohesive body design that Microsoft is pushing out to its hardware partners. Or maybe we're just grasping at straws to kill the time until this OS finally launches. One more pic after the break.