Samsung's Cetus SGH-i917 sashays into FCC database, winks seductively at AT&T

AT&T came right out and confessed that it would be "the premiere carrier" for Windows Phone 7, and while it's obviously far too early to say if that'll be the case, this ain't a bad way to start proving one's point. Samsung's Cetus (SGH-i917) was just recently confirmed to be one of the first commercial Windows Phone 7 devices last week, and now the always-disclosing FCC database has shed even more light on the phone's intentions. Based on the mention of 850 / 1,900MHz frequency support -- and that whole "SGH-i917 (ATT)" marking on the label -- it's pretty safe to assume that this 4-inch, AMOLED-packin' superphone will soon be fighting with the iPhone 4 for shelf space. There's obviously no indication of when Ma Bell plans on releasing this one to the wilds, but it's typically not too far out after hitting this milestone. Giddy yet? %Gallery-98984%