ExoPC is Intel's WiDi-enabled Atom tablet, we go hands-on with near-final build (update: video)

We're still not quite sure why Intel decided to forego mentioning the product name in this morning's keynote, but that Atom-based tablet with Wireless Display technology? That's the ExoPC, according to the very people who make the device. We caught up with the company at IDF 2010 and checked out both an older version of the device and a near-production model -- still a super-glossy glass screen with admittedly bad viewing angles, but we've been promised the final display will alleviates those problems. The unit we held was also a good bit lighter than before -- 144 grams to be exact, according to the rep -- and had a rubber matte feel to the back. The ExoPC is powered by Intel's PineTrail -- specifically the Atom N450, although Oak Trail is something the company's looking into for the future. We won't go into every detail of what we saw, as you can check out our preview from May for a more exhaustive (and still pretty accurate) look. We will say that the unit is still incredibly snappy (thanks in no small part to 2GB RAM and SanDisk SSD) and we're still loving the ability to switch from Windows 7 to the very friendly "Connect Four" UI (our unofficial name for it). The keyboard is still Windows 7 standard, but we were told it's reached out to multiple companies -- including Swype -- and is also looking to its developer community for greater support in the buildup to launch.

So, about that WiDi demo this morning... the company wouldn't tell us the story behind that, only to say that it was an ExoPC in the demo, WiDi will be included eventually but no promises were made as to its inclusion at launch. It's our understanding that the hardware wasn't changed, implying the capabilities are already there or that all it takes is a software fix, but... we've also heard from Intel that WiDi is a hardware-based solution, so we're still not quite sure what to make of everything. At any rate The company's still targeting mid-October for its developer pre-orders and touting its Flash and Silverlight support, reminding us how easy it is to port from Windows Phone 7 to the device. We've got a video walkthrough coming later, but for now, check out some pics in the gallery below. %Gallery-102073%