FCC set to approve use of unlicensed airwaves for whitespace internet, wants 'innovators and entrepreneurs' to exploit them

Digg Good old whitespace is finally about to get itself some real action, courtesy of the FCC's upcoming (and long-delayed) ratification of a decision to authorize its unlicensed use. Opening up the spare spectrum that resides between TV channels' broadcasting frequencies -- which in itself has expanded in the wake of the transition from analog to digital television -- is expected to be a massive boon to innovation, with exponentially larger wireless networks being the first prospective benefit. Such wireless nirvanas have already been set up in Claudville, Virginia and Wilmington, North Carolina, while Microsoft, Google, HP, Sprint, and others are said to be mulling and testing out their own ways for exploiting the newfound wireless freedom as well. Another positive note is that former requirements for white space-using devices to be able to tap into a database and identify themselves are likely to be scrapped, making for much simpler rollouts of whatever awesome new tech awaits in our future.

[Thanks, Marc]