TERA weekly screens show more of Castanica [Updated]

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.13.10

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TERA weekly screens show more of Castanica [Updated]

En Masse Entertainment is back with the 17th installment of its TERA Screenshots of the Week featurette, and the series returns to the well-documented city of Castanica. Otherwise known as the Shrouded Rose, Castanica features flying buttresses and gothic-inspired architecture, in addition to the scantily clad female castanics that some gamers love to hate.

"The center of castanic life and culture is at once earthy and mysterious, with secrets seeming to wait around every corner, while the iron and the rose aptly symbolize the contradictions inherent in the castanic spirit," says the teaser of the official TERA website.

Check out the new shots in our gallery below, as well as on the official site.

Editor's Note: We just got the trailer for Castanica! We've embedded it after the break, so check it out!
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