City of Heroes Party Pack goes live

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.15.10

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City of Heroes Party Pack goes live
If you've always dreamed about being the life of the party in City of Heroes, well, you have a rather odd choice of lifetime wishes. But even beyond that, you're in luck, as the Party Pack has just gone live for purchase from the official site. As we previewed earlier, the new pack consists of several new emotes, ranging from alternative dance styles to goofing around with a basketball.

Retailing at $7.99, the pack unlocks eight emotes for all characters on the account, akin to the costume change emotes unlocked via the several super boosters currently available. While the price tag might seem a bit steep for just emotes, the animations are still fun, and there's certainly nothing lost if you opt-out of purchasing. City of Heroes players who would like the new pack are advised to head over to the official store, and everyone can enjoy the accompanying video of the Paragon Studios team acting out the animations for the karate dance.
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