Macworld dishes on AirPrint iOS printing

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Macworld dishes on AirPrint iOS printing
Today's release of the iOS 4.2 beta has given developers their first hands-on look at AirPrint, which will allow wireless printing from iOS devices. Macworld has published some details.

Dan Moren reports that users will be able to print text, photos, and graphics to networked printers without having to fiddle with drivers, special software, or network configurations. Also, it seems like the list of compatible printers is long, though details are still sketchy. Moren says that AirPrint will support printers shared via a Mac or a PC, and it will also handle various types of printing devices, from low-cost inkjets up to office laser printers. Additionally, HP will soon release a new line of printers with their "ePrint" feature that will offer, among other things, support for AirPrint.

Users have been waiting for an official print solution from Apple, and in the meantime, several third-party apps have appeared on the App Store. I'm eager to try it out myself, and I'm looking forward to the official release of iOS 4.2 in November.
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