Nokia Charging Plate DT-600 hands-on: 'charge in style' is all you need to know

Nokia's official marketing documentation for the just-announced DT-600 says that you can "charge in style" and "enjoy the life with full battery." After checking it out here at Nokia World, we don't think we could say it any better ourselves. The device is basically a rubber tray for setting your battery-dependent gadgets with a squid-like array of charging cables coming out of the corners; there are very similar products to this on the market already, but Nokia's got a couple trump cards up its sleeve. Actually, one of them is less of a trump card and more of a Wild Draw Four: although one cable is micro-USB, two of the others are permanently connected 2mm Nokia jacks, an odd decision considering that modern Nokias are moving away from those to micro-USB -- as are most manufacturers -- so we guess they're expecting you to keep a few antiques juiced up.

The other differentiator, though, is that you don't need to snake your own chargers through the mess -- the fourth cable is interchangeable and connects to one of two USB ports on the side, and you can use the other port for a fifth cable that isn't routed through one of the four corners' holes. Nokia includes mini-USB, LG, Sony Ericsson, and two flavors of Samsung connectors for this one; Apple's noticeably missing, but we're sure these guys had zero interest in licensing the 20-pin design -- and obviously, you can just use your own cable if you like. In a nod to Mother Nature, the DT-600 burns no power when devices aren't connected, but if you're in the US, tough luck -- there's no plan in place for availability there. Hit up the gallery for a few in-the-wild shots (taken at Nokia's Experience Lounge coffee bar, by the way, so the phones weren't the only things getting juiced up).