Dell Inspiron Duo touched for the very first time

Yeah, you made me feel, shiny and new... We digress. That's jkkmobile's finger in the photo above, testing out Microsoft Surface Globe on the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible's swiveling 10-inch screen -- a rite of passage that you can watch after the break in all its low-res glory. We're seriously jealous of this dude right now, but thankful that he discovered a few more facts about the device: for one, that swivel only spins in one direction, and for another, we're looking at a capacitive multitouch screen. We still don't know what those sensors are on the left side of the netbook's clamshell frame nor what resolution that webcam shoots at, but we do see a set of flaps on the left-hand side presumably concealing some ports, and what could be a flat removable battery pack on the bottom of the cherry-red unit. Video after the break.