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HTC Desire Z priced at €549 by Amazon.de, £430 by Play.com

HTC Desire Z priced at €549 by Amazon.de, £430 by Play.com
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|September 16, 2010 5:15 AM
A day after becoming official, the Desire Z has received its first price: €549 if bought from Amazon.de. Alas, you still don't have the option to actually purchase or pre-order the unlocked Froyo slider, but at least we've got a relative idea of where its pricing fits within HTC's handset hierarchy. The answer is pretty highly, considering the original Desire, a flagship product in its time, debuted on the same web outlet at €519. And here we hoped the G2's decent US pricing would translate to similar affordability for its sister device. Seems like the usual rule applies: you'd better be patient, rich, or both if you want to have the latest smartphone.

[Thanks, Peter]

Update: Amazon's UK branch also has a teaser page for the Z, pricing it at £499 and suggesting an October 18 launch date. Thanks, David!

Update 2: UK e-tailer Play.com is now one-upping Amazon by suggesting an October 11 release date and taking pre-orders for the Desire Z at £430 and the Desire HD at £470. If this keeps going, they'll be giving them away for free by the end of the day. Thanks, Greg!
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