T-Mobile G2 official shots break loose, corroborate rumors of wanton awesomeness

The T-Mobile G2 -- which will likely be known as the HTC Desire Z outside the States -- is shaping up to be one of the more anticipated Android launches of 2010, and a handful of smaller-than-we'd-like official press shots that have just leaked over on Cell Phone Signal are doing nothing to make us believe otherwise. The site says it believes silver (pictured) will be the only color offered, and considering that we haven't seen any leaks in any other shades, that seems like a reasonable assumption. Then again, a white, red, or black version of this would be pretty neat, wouldn't it?

[Thanks, Nam]

Update: Turns out these images are chilling on T-Mobile's servers right now -- check the source links below. Whoops!

Update 2: And we've now got the clearest shot yet of a G2 in the wild, casually browsing Facebook as a laptop looks on with a mixture of curiosity and contempt; follow the break to check it out. Thanks, Sebastian!