HTC HD7 resurfaces on a T-Mobile accessories list, could be with us by November 1

Aha! The phone you heard about here first has made its second document-based appearance, this time crossing the Atlantic and showing up on a T-Mobile inventory sheet. We can apparently look forward to accessorizing our HD7s with a leather sleeve, a "charge shell," a pair of different screen protectors, and two flexible protective covers made by Speck. Most of these parts are expected to arrive on November 1, and since accessories aren't much good without something to put them on, we can probably expect that to mean the HD7 will be dropping some time before November. It's expected on October 18 in the UK, which dovetails neatly with the idea of it being a headline Windows Phone 7 device from HTC -- that's about the time Microsoft promised WP7's European launch.

As to that "Dell Claire" you see near the top, we're hearing it's the T-Mo version of the Dell Streak.

[Thanks, John and Jakub]