Is this HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7? (update: and is this HTC's Hub?)

Whoa, Nelly! Just 24 hours after we caught wind of a leaked webOS 2.0 video, in flies this. If the "Confidential use only" watermark is accurate, the video embedded after the break is HTC's Sense overlay on Windows Phone 7. If you'll recall, we finally heard that Sense would indeed be hitting Microsoft's forthcoming mobile OS after all back in July, but we've yet to see any real indication of what the end product would look like. Until now, of course. With "the holidays" rapidly approaching and Redmond holding funerals for rival operating systems, there's a better-than-average chance that this is legitimate. Frankly, we're digging what we're seeing thus far, but is it wrong to wish that even more panels were shown off?

Update: And what's this? Yet another video has fallen into our laps, and it's featuring an HTC handset we've never seen before. Pocket PT is calling it the Hub (while tipster Eric suggests it may be the Mozart), suggesting that it's also running Sense atop Windows Phone 7 in the video after the break. When it rains, right?

[Thanks, Sid and Pedro]

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