Moore: Tiger Woods sales 'disappointing'

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Moore: Tiger Woods sales 'disappointing'
Unsurprisingly, EA Sports president Peter Moore agrees that sales of Tiger Woods 2011 were "disappointing, in particular on the Wii, " but believes there's hope for the title yet. Moore told Eurogamer that the game will be "well represented as part of the Move launch," and that the upcoming Ryder Cup during the first week of October (and seen in the franchise for the first time this year) will bring it back into the spotlight to tack on some extra numbers. As for whether the golfer's well-publicized personal problems may have affected the video game franchise, Moore says that's a "consumer call," and reiterates EA's support of the star.

Moore also talked a bit about the much-reviled Online Pass system, saying that 60 to 70 percent of players have accessed the Online Pass content so far, without going into detail about how many used codes or paid outright. Finally, he believes that we're currently in a mid-cycle market in terms of console sales. Prices are still too high -- especially when you include the Kinect and Move hardware -- he says, to reach the video game console sweet spot of "$199 or below." Until we get there, Moore is convinced, "We're nowhere near mass-market pricing."
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