White 320GB PS3 coming to Japan October 21

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White 320GB PS3 coming to Japan October 21
There's been White PS3s released before, sure. And 320GB hard drives? You bet. But together? That's a first! As seen on Sony Japan's official website, the "classic white" 320GB HDD-equipped model will sell for ¥34,980 ($410; same MSRP as the black 320GB) and comes with a single, matching DualShock 3.

Also being introduced today is a "white/blue" alternating-colors PSP. Though it won't be shipping with any games, this model visually contrasts the red and black God of War PSP (which is also being released in Japan sans God of War). Both color options go on sale November 18 for ¥17,800 ($208).

Neither the White PS3 Slim nor the blue/white PSP has been announced for North American release, but we're hoping the folks at SCEA realize that North Americans like clean design choices too!
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