How would you change Pixel Qi's 3Qi display?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.18.10

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Yeah, Pixel Qi's 3Qi display is a wee bit more niche than your average superphone, but we just know a handful of you DIYers out there took the plunge on this one. Mary Lou Jepsen's pride and joy went on sale back in July, offering crafty modders the chance to swap their lackluster netbook panel for an E Ink slayer. We were personally thrilled with the results, but we still saw a few things that could've been ironed out given the time, money and technical insight. If you've also taken the leap, we're oh-so-curious to know how you would redesign the dual-mode 3Qi. Make it sharper? A higher resolution? A different size? Something else entirely? No walls allowed here -- get creative down in comments below.
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