LG's FB614M micro stereo plays DVDs, streams tunes, fits nicely in your pal's spaceship

We've seen our fair share of funky micro stereos over the years, but LG's latest just might be the most bodacious yet. Curvaceous and compact, the FB614M all-in-one system is ready for every DVD and CD you could toss at it, and streaming jams from your phone or PMP won't be an issue so long as your device is equipped with a little-known protocol by the name of Bluetooth. Naturally, there's an iDevice dock up top as well as a touch sensitive control dial, and the inbuilt USB ensures that most every other player is well taken care of, too. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to wattage and sound quality, but South Koreans can find out themselves later this week for ₩299,000 ($257).