Motorola 'eager' to get into tablet market, but won't do so until next year

Motorola's been thinking about tablets for a while now, but according to Sanjay Jha, it won't be entering that flourishing new market segment until it's absolutely certain it'll have a product that's "competitive in the marketplace." Depending on how you perceive the Droid X, Moto might arguably be said to already have a tablet out on sale, but rumors have mostly circulated around a 10-inch slate device, most probably in partnership with Verizon and most likely using Android 3.0 as its OS. Google itself has admitted that Android won't be fit for tablets until Gingerbread is delivered, and Jha's reluctance to introduce any new hardware before 2011 seems to be motivated by a corresponding desire to have the latest and greatest version on board from the start. Can't say we blame him.