Capcom profits plummet in fiscal 2009, new strategy outlined

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Capcom profits plummet in fiscal 2009, new strategy outlined
Capcom has released its annual report for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010, and there's a wealth of information for those willing to plumb its 102-page depths. Net sales for Capcom's fiscal 2009 were ¥66.8 billion ($779 million), down from ¥91.8 billion ($1.07 billion) in 2008. The company saw net income of ¥2.16 billion ($25 million), its lowest since 2004 (when it saw a loss of over ¥9 billion). This marks a very sharp contrast to the previous year, when Capcom recorded net income of ¥8 billion ($93 million), its highest earnings since 2000.

Capcom cited the postponement of many major titles until the following fiscal year as the cause for the decline. Given those titles included the likes of Super Street Fighter 4, we'd say that's probably accurate.

Capcom isn't losing heart though, and goes on to detail its new strategy of "Single Content Multiple Usage." The company plans to leverage its video game segment (which accounts for 65.9 percent of its business) to promote products in other forms of media. As illustrated in the image above, Capcom has already done this with the Resident Evil franchise, creating books, movies and music that revolve around the brand. Capcom hopes this will reduce risk and attract "customers obtained from other business segments" to the video games these products are based on.

So, does watching Milla Jovovich kill movie zombies compel you to shoot the virtual ones?
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