HP and Oracle kiss, make up, agree that Mark's better off with Larry

Guess it wasn't "virtually impossible" for Oracle and HP to work together after all -- the two companies have settled their little tiff over disgraced former HP CEO Mark Hurd. According to the statement we just received, Oracle and HP have "reaffirmed their long-term strategic partnership" and have decided that ol' Mark can "protect HP's confidential information while fulfilling his responsibilities at Oracle." Mark will also visit HP every other weekend and attend at least 50 percent of its Little League games. Honestly, we're kind of sad this is over, since that means Larry Ellison won't have any reason to call everyone "idiots" anymore.

On second thought, he'll probably figure something out.

Update: Our friend Kara Swisher at All Things Digital reports that Mark's given up the $30-40m worth of stock options he got in his severance from HP. Sad... until you realize he gets to keep at least $12m in cash and work for Oracle directly competing with the company that ran him out of town. Nice.