War of Angels flutters into closed beta

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.20.10

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War of Angels flutters into closed beta
Angels: Always fighting and bickering, am I right? It kind of tarnishes the image of a "perfect angel," what with the flaming swords and constant smiting. Not to mention falling in love with Meg Ryan and renouncing angelhood. We suppose if these shenanigans are going on, someone might as well capitalize on the chaos.

Cue gamigo, whose War of Angels is deep into development and has just now crossed into closed beta. This MMO offers players the ability to take wing and fly as angelic warriors. Players can choose between one of four classes and pick sides in an ongoing PvP conflict to control the land. Soaring as high as your dreams is not the only option in this game, as angels' abilities extend to underwater exploration as well. Perhaps the wings work as dorsal fins?

War of Angels does not hesitate to appeal to your epeen pride: "Show your opponents that you're not afraid of conflict!" the official website says. Are you afraid? Are you? So unless you're a yellow-bellied chicken, head over and sign up for War of Angels' closed beta.
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