Sony 'Advanced Model' (Alpha A77?) DSLR emerges at Photokina, E-mount firmware coming soon

We've heard Sony use the term "Advanced Model" when dealing with concepts before, and it seems that it's using said code once more to disguise what may end up being the A77. Rumors have been flaring over the past few weeks, noting that this particular Alpha DSLR would be showcased at Photokina before being officially unveiled at CES 2011. Few details were given, but we're able to tell that it'll shoot HD video in AVCHD and will be compatible with a vertical grip. Moreover, it'll ship with a translucent mirror (as found in the A55 and A33) and an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. At the company's Photokina press conference, an executive noted that the cam will be "far more powerful than the a55," and that it'll be aimed at "serious enthusiast photographers."

A slew of concept / prototype lenses were also encased (including a comically large 500mm f/4 cannon) at Sony's booth, not to mention a few that'll definitely be available from 2011 and 2012. Back at the presser, we were informed that a grand total of ten A-mount (Alpha DSLR compatible) lenses will be on sale by 2012, and it's also considering working with a number of partners in order to develop third-party E-mount lenses for the NEX range. Moreover, a firmware update is slated for mid-October to bring autofocus support to A-mount lenses used on E-mount cameras, aperture control in video mode and customizable keys, while the NEX-VG10 Handycam will see an A-mount lens firmware update in November. Speaking of E-mount cameras, Sony's also developing its own micro flash for use in low(er)-light situations, and considering that it recently grabbed a full 50 percent of the mirrorless market share in Europe, we'd guess it's nowhere near slowing down on the innovation. Smiles all around, right? %Gallery-102896% %Gallery-102902%