Netflix busted for using actors in crowd at Canadian launch event

Netflix certainly didn't have much trouble attracting interest in its Canadian launch today -- the country's waited long enough, after all -- but it looks like it nonetheless went a bit too far in its efforts to build up buzz at its press event. It turns out that many of the onlookers at the event were actually actors hired by Netflix, at least some of whom went as far as to talk to the press and pass themselves off as regular people -- regular people who happen to be really enthusiastic about Netflix, of course. An information sheet handed out to the extras reportedly even told them to "play types" and "behave as members of the public" who just "happen upon a street event for Netflix and stop by to check it out." After word of the shenanigans got out, Netflix quickly issued an apology, of sorts -- the company's VP of corporate communications, Steve Swasey, said that he was "unaware" that a script was handed out to the extras, and that "some people got carried away and it's embarrassing to Netflix."

Update: Netflix has now issued a more complete apology on its blog -- saying flatly, "we blew it."