CEO Jeff Zucker leaving NBC following Comcast merger, exit stage left

Comcast's acquisition of NBC isn't quite in the bank just yet, but that doesn't mean the upcoming change isn't already dealing an impact. Current CEO and President Jeff Zucker announced today he plans to leave the company sometime following the takeover -- but also noting his final day might not be for another six months from now. "Comcast will be a great new steward, just as GE has been, and they deserve the chance to implement their own vision," he said. We wonder what exactly that new vision might be and how it pertains to the shift in online offerings -- for his part, Zucker's made a few headlines over the years that seem to suggest hesitation / aversion to the current digital transition. No successor has been named, but again, that could very well be half a year away -- as they say, stay tuned.

Update: And now it gets juicy. The New York Times is reporting that Zucker's departure wasn't exactly his call. Interesting, indeed.