Collecting Armor Sets: Dungeon set 2

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|09.24.10

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Collecting Armor Sets: Dungeon set 2
For the longest time in vanilla World of Warcraft, players were content with collecting the dungeon set 1 pieces from Stratholme, Scholomance and Blackrock Spire. A purple item was a incredibly rare thing to see in the early days of WoW. It was a status symbol, a badge of pride for raiders who managed to band together to defeat Onyxia or brave the depths of Molten Core. With epic items soon came epic discontent, largely from casual players who either didn't have the time or the inclination to raid. As time went on and more raid dungeons were released, the complaining continued; players who were unable to dedicate the time needed to successfully complete a 40-man raid dungeon felt it was unfair that they could not obtain epic gear.

It was a valid complaint, but it took well over two years before Blizzard finally did something about it. About four months after the release of Ahn'Quiraj, Blizzard implemented Patch 1.10, "Storms of Azeroth." Among the fun changes like the introduction of weather in Azeroth and quest-experience-to-gold conversion at level 60, casual players finally received what they'd been asking for: a quest line that didn't require raiding and would allow them to upgrade their dungeon sets one into new ones that included epic gear. This set is called, appropriately enough, dungeon set 2.

Back in vanilla, the quest chains were suitably difficult and the rewards were pretty good -- though nowhere near as good as the gear that could be obtained in Ahn'Quiraj. The graphics were recolored versions of the original dungeon sets, which annoyed some people, but others thought the graphics update on the old pieces was really well done. These days, dungeon set 2 is much easier to obtain than it was in vanilla, although it takes a little gold and a little legwork. Players who wish to collect dungeon set 2 should keep a few things in mind:
  • This set will upgrade your existing dungeon set 1. In other words, you have to turn in your dungeon set 1 items, and dungeon set 2 will replace them.
  • Although the original dungeon set 1 had no "official" class requirement, each set was intended for a certain class. The dungeon set 2 pieces cannot be obtained by classes that they are not intended for, even though they are not labeled as class-restrictive. In other words, a druid with Shadowcraft gear cannot obtain the Darkmantle set. Speaking to the first quest giver will only give you the quest line for your class and your dungeon set 1 pieces.
  • If you have more than one set of dungeon set 1 (one to upgrade and one to keep), make sure you keep one set in your bank; if there are two sets of the same item in your bags when you turn in the upgrade quests, you will lose both items. This also applies to armor you have equipped; if you're wearing Wildheart gear and turning in the Wildheart gear in your bags, you will lose both sets of Wildheart. Keeping the extra set in your bank will prevent this from happening.
  • You will need at most 180 gold, and you will need to be at least honored reputation with the Argent Dawn and friendly with Cenarion Hold.
  • You can start these quests at level 58.
Ready? Good. The quest line is the same for both sides regardless of class, although the quest givers are obviously different.

Part One: An Earnest Propostion

For Alliance players, the quest An Earnest Proposition starts with the NPC Deliana, located in the High Seat in Ironforge. She'll send you to Winterspring to gather blood from the frostsabers and bears in the area. Return with 15 blood samples and 20g, and Deliana will upgrade your bracers.

For Horde players, the quest An Earnest Proposition starts with the NPC Mok'var, located in Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar. Mok'var will send you to Silithus to collect venom samples from the scorpids and spiders in the area. Return with 15 venom samples and 20g, and Mok'var will upgrade your bracers.

Part Two: A Supernatural Device

Speaking to either Deliana or Mok'var will send players on the next quest, and both Horde and Alliance are sent to the same NPC, Mux Manascrambler. Mux is a level 60 goblin located in Gadgetzan, and he will send players of both factions on a merry chase after materials for a ghost revealer. This quest chain requires several materials and continues as follows:

The Ectoplasmic Distiller Mux wants you to bring him a Delicate Arcanite Converter, four Greater Eternal Essence, 10 Stonescale Oil, 25 Volcanic Ash (obtained from the lava pools in the Burning Steppes) and 40g.

Hunting for Ectoplasm Mux sends you to Silithus, Winterspring and the Eastern Plaguelands to collect samples of ectoplasm from ghosts in each of the zones. All you need to return with are the samples and your Ectoplasmic Distiller, and you're set for the next step.

A Portable Power Source Mux will then send you back to the Burning Steppes, where you must kill Magma Lord Bokk and remove his heart -- a powerful Magma Core that will power the ectoplasm you've retrieved.

A Shifty Merchant Mux needs one last thing -- a Fel Elemental Rod. This can be purchased from an imp named Vi'el in a cave at the entrance to Darkwhisper Gorge in Winterspring. The cost of the rod is 40g.

Return to Deliana/Mok'var Mux sends you back to your respective quest givers with the now-functional Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer.

After returning to Deliana or Mok'var, the quest Just Compensation will reward you with your dungeon set 2 belt and gloves.

Part Three: In Search of Anthion

Speaking to Deliana or Mok'var will start the next piece of the chain, which again is the same for both factions. Both NPCs will send players to find Anthion, a ghost located outside of Stratholme that is revealed by using the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer. This begins one of the more difficult chains for players to complete at level 60.

Dead Man's Plea Ever wonder why there was a timer when you entered dead-side Stratholme? This is why. In the quest Dead Man's Plea, players are asked by Anthion to save his wife Ysida, who is not dead and in the hands of Baron Rivendare. If you do not complete the run in 45 minutes, Ysida is killed. If you do, then you get to move on to the next quest in the chain.

This was an extremely difficult task at level 60. Groups had to be carefully planned with the perfect combination of a tank that was competent, three forms of some sort of crowd control or AoE abilities, and a healer who could keep up with it all. Once you started the instance, it was chain-pulling the entire way through, with no more than a few brief stops for everyone to eat and drink -- and pausing to eat and drink to full was not advised. Since Stratholme was a level 60 zone, there was no sneaking around mobs; you had to kill pretty much everything in the zone. A lot of players balked at the difficulty of the timed run.

Proof of Life Ysida hands off a satchel as a reward for Dead Man's Plea -- and then she hands over her locket for you to deliver to Anthion as proof of her rescue.

Anthion's Strange Request Players need a medallion -- and said medallion has been split into three pieces. A dwarf took the first, and Anthion has a shopping list of items that will aid players in getting the medallion piece back. You will need three Dark Iron Bars, 20 Enchanted Leather, three Mooncloth and four Cured Rugged Hide. These are all relatively easy to farm at level 80, but they were fairly time-consuming at level 60.
Anthion's Old Friend Anthion puts together the Incomplete Banner of Provocation for you, but the banner requires a spell to be complete. Anthion sends players to the library in Dire Maul to speak to his old friend Falrin Treeshaper, who can provide the necessary spell for the banner.

Falrin's Vendetta Of course things aren't that easy. In payment for the spell, Falrin asks you to take care of the nasty ogres that are hanging around and collect their warbeads -- 25 of them, to be exact.

The Instigator's Enchantment Once the ogres are dead and the beads are safely in Falrin's hands, he informs players that he actually needs some materials to perform the spell. Of course he does. This time you need to bring him four Dark Runes -- easily farmed in Scholomance -- eight Large Brilliant Shards and a Jeering Spectre's Essence. The Essence is fairly easy to get; it has a chance to drop from any of the spirits in Dire Maul West.

The Challenge Finally! It's time to get that chunk of medallion. Take the Banner of Provocation to the Ring of Law in Blackrock Depths. While you are being sentenced, use the banner; this will bring Theldren, the dwarf with the amulet piece, into the fight. After defeating the group that appears to fight you, loot the Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet off Theldren. Mission accomplished!

Anthion's Parting Words Anthion sends players back to their respective faction quest givers, asking them to pass on a message: Finding someone named Bodley will lead to the remaining amulet pieces. Turning in the quest will net you the leg, feet and shoulder pieces of the dungeon set 2.

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