Apple Peel 520 coming to US, UK

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The Apple Peel 520, an iPod touch case that effectively turns it into a phone, will be coming to the US and UK soon.

Developed and built in China, the Apple Peel 520 fits onto the iPod touch. It's got a dock connector, battery, and slot for a SIM card. Once users have got the thing set up, they can use the iPod touch to make phone calls and send text messages. Go Solar USA will be the American distributor for Chinese developer Yoison Technology.

Go Solar USA claims that customers can expect the Apple Peel's 800mAh battery to deliver nearly five hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby use. Note that this does require a jailbroken iPod.

The Apple Peel has been available in China for a while now, first as a black market item. With official supplies significantly strained, more and more customers are looking for alternate solutions.

Go Solar USA expects to have demo units in the US this week, which they will begin distributing among retailers (which retailers were not revealed). There's no word on the cost, but it currently sells in China for 520 Yuan (US$77).
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