Exclusive: Samsung Continuum for Verizon has double the displays, double the fun

The Fascinate's ride at the top of Sammy's Android lineup for Big Red might be a short one -- a very short one. Feast your eyes on this monster, said to be the rumored SCH-i400 Continuum, whose biggest claim to fame would be the addition of a secondary OLED display below the main. What might you use it for? Well, it's called the "Ticker," and it'll show notifications and RSS updates (and judging from that picture, weather conditions, too). Naturally, one of the selling points is that you can access basic phone functionality and information without having to fiddle with the normal UI or turn on that big, power-sapping primary display; in fact, the Ticker will automatically turn on when you grasp the bottom of the phone. The Continuum's also got a microSD slot on the side (accessible without a battery pull) and a dedicated camera button, and judging from one of the shots we've got, it might be Galaxy S-branded. Follow the break for a couple more shots!