TERA-Europe unveils archer and sorcerer gameplay videos

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.30.10

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TERA-Europe unveils archer and sorcerer gameplay videos
TERA's action combat system has gotten a lot of press over the months since the game's announcement, and rightly so as it looks to differentiate itself from traditional tab-target-spam-special MMO mechanics. While it sounds great on paper, particularly for melee and heavily armored types, ranged classes are a different animal.

Happily, Frogster and TERA-Europe have just released a pair of new gameplay videos that show the PvE experience from the perspective of both an archer and a sorcerer. The trailers give would-be players a first-hand look at ranged DPS in the world of TERA, and highlight the fact that both classes will require a certain amount of active participation and, dare we say it, player skill. Check out both videos after the break.

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