Colorware ships its first original product: the $300 Grip for iPad (hands-on)

Colorware's been making the products you buy look better (or worse, if you'd like) for years on end, but up until now, it has never actually created a product from scratch. Enter the Grip for iPad, a simplistic new iPad holster that's less of a case and more of a handle. It's a metal frame that you bolt around the edges of your tablet, and as you can tell, it adds a major grabbing point to the side. But here's the rub: it's $300. Yeah, three Benjamins. We get that it's manufactured in Minnesota using that high-priced American labor, but seriously? The major problem is just how awkward that $300 price tag looks beside the $499 MSRP of the device it's supposed to hold; imagine buying a $13,000 set of tires for your $17,000 vehicle. It just doesn't sit well in the cranium. And then there's the problem of using it. %Gallery-104030%

You see, as nice as it is to have a handle on your tablet at all times, it makes actually using the iPad in portrait mode practically impossible. You're constantly trying to figure out how to work around that bulge that's now there on the left side. Furthermore, it does essentially nothing for protection. The back is still wide open and susceptible to drops / scratches, and the front isn't recessed in the least. Adding insult to multiple injuries, there's not enough room to have a case wrapped around your iPad while it's inside of the Grip. Oh, and did we mention that the slightest bump against a rough surface will rip the paint right off of the device? We'd love to love the Grip -- it's mighty pretty and it's built like a tank -- but it simply makes no sense whatsoever at $300. Even at $100, you've got way better options when it comes to actually protecting your iPad. %Gallery-104033%

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