Friday Livestream: EverQuest II [Updated]

Thank God it's Friday! And, once again, it's time to celebrate Friday the only way we know how -- by playing a video game and chatting with you lovely readers!

This week's selection is EverQuest II, and no, I don't mean EverQuest II Extended. We're going back to the original servers for a session of non-free-to-play questing! We'll embark on a few quest-lines throughout the game, and hopefully we'll give you a sense of why the land of Norrath is still such a great place for adventuring.

So if you're up to joining us, click the continued reading button below or the picture above to jump right to our Livestream and watch Seraphina attempt not to make a fool of herself!

[Update: The livestream is over, but the recording lives on! Click the picture above or the continued reading link below to check out our tour of EverQuest II!]