Introducing: The Soapbox!

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|10.04.10

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Introducing: The Soapbox!
We hear you loud and clear. While many of the Massively readers enjoy us for our news, many others come here for our opinions on hot issues. As a general rule, these opinions are restricted to individual columns that cover either specific games or specific topics by a specific writer. But what if you want to know a staff member's opinion on something outside of his or her game-of-choice? We have a solution.

Starting next Tuesday, a new weekly column will emerge. The Soapbox is our chance to speak our minds on what we love or hate about the industry, certain games, current events in the genre, etc. This is our chance to get out what we essentially discuss all day with each other anyway, outside of the site. What bothers or annoys us? What are we excited about? While those opinions aren't appropriate for an informational news post, it's no-holds-barred in The Soapbox.

Follow along after the jump for more info on what to expect.
So any staff member can speak his or her mind about any topic? How will that work if someone else on the staff disagrees?

That's the beauty of this column: It's an individual opinion column that will have a disclaimer about the opinion being that of the author only. Think of it as the Editorial section of your favorite newspaper. If one of our writers disagrees with another writer's opinion, he or she can address it in a future article. Each week will be written by a different Massively writer.

What about all that ad money you guys make off of being fanboys?

Contrary to the belief of some, our network's ad sales department and our writing staff aren't one and the same. We don't get paid to give positive opinions on anything. We've never been asked to do that, and we'll never do it. This column will have both negative and positive opinions on our favorite topics. Believe it or not, some of us just really like certain games. Just because an opinion is positive, doesn't make it any less genuine.

Often, you'll see "edgy" or "rebellious" bloggers who think if they troll a game, it will get them some sort of street cred with MMO gamers. Swaying an opinion in either direction for the sake of site traffic or popularity is ridiculous and ironic.

This could get heated. Will the site's code of conduct still apply for the comments?

Yes, it will. We won't be cursing or making personal attacks against anyone's mothers in the article, so don't do it in the comments.

Will the topics ever stray from being MMO-related? I don't want to start reading about what you had for lunch.

Hey, I agree. We're going to keep this column on the topic of MMOs, the industry, and the genre in general. If we do stray, it might be into the realm of other games occasionally (probably just to make a point), but we're not going to tell you about the pizza I had for lunch. It was chicken and jalapeno with BBQ sauce. OMG, so good.

Can we submit ideas for you to cover in the column?

Sure. But the only problem here is that no one on staff will write about that topic unless he or she really feels passionate about it. But certainly feel free to suggest away!

OK, this all sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world. You have me convinced. When can we read it?

The Soapbox will debut next Tuesday and run every Tuesday thereafter.
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